Recency setup works by user or instances/occurrences basis?

muthalagua85543 14-05-2020



If we set the recency setup as 3 based on analytics trait key value(eg: c_eVarX="content viewed") then will Adobe Audience Manger remove the user from the segment once user viewed content for 3 times or no.of times that value recorded in AA/AAM.


Assume, there is an analytics implementation issue in the website due to that firing 2 analytics call with the same value instead of 1 analytics call when someone view the content.





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Hi @muthalagua85543,


Frequency and recency are calculated on an occurrence basis... meaning every time AAM gets the signals to realize a trait, that will increase the frequency +1. If there is an implementation issue with Analytics sending two hits per load, the frequency would increase per hit (+2 in this case).


Recency is calculated per day, and checks if the device has received signals for the trait per day. Each day ends/starts at 0:00 UTC, so please keep this in mind when testing recency.