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Hi All,


Can anyone help us how to qualify for segments which are using rule based behavior created traits. We might have bigger combination within segment, so we don't want to  navigate to all the pages and qualify.We have used demdex pixel URL's to run it in the browser in a new tab to qualify for segments, but at this point we are seeing it is not loading for us. 

example pixel URL: (http://something.demdex.net/event?d_sid=12345).


1) Does this way of qualifying into a segment still works? or can you recommend any other way for force qualifying segments?

2) What is the lag time for real-time qualification into a simple segment, I see there is a lag once we meet the qualification criteria but it is not consistent all the time?


Appreciate your time and help!


Thank in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @suhasRakam,


Yes, using the DCS API to send a call to AAM with the d_sid=<trait ID> will still realize the device making the call into said trait. If your segments are configured with a profile merge rule that contains device options, and contains the traits in the segment rule, it should only take a second or so to get both trait and segment qualified on the device.




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