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Hi all, Pl refer to URL: https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/audiencemanager-profilelink It reads "If the customer ids were to contain PII information (eg. real names, email addresses etc.), we would first ngeed to perform a one-way hash of the PII data (which will make it infeasible to invert) before sending it to Audience Manager.". What do we mean by infeasible to invert? Does this mean that once we encrypt the data, we cannot decrypt? Who could decrypt it? At least AAM should be able to correct? If no one is able to decrypt, what happens to that PII data? Appreciate your support. Thanks, Rama.

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Hi Rama,

AAM doesn't allow or need PII data. The hashed ids that you onboard attributes against will be matched against hashed id captured during id sync call on your website, and the profiles are linked. For targeting platforms, some DSPs accept cookie ids/some accept hashed PII data also, depends on the DSP. AAM doesn't decrypt hashed data.

Hope this helps.



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