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We have been working with Overlap - Trait to Trait and we have not found the way to select the traits that we need. There are many traits loaded in the tool, but not all. Is this the expected behaviour? Is there any way to select the traits that we need?

Thanks in advance for your time and best regards.

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Hello There,

I have reviewed your query and I understand that your query is related to T2T Overlap Report where you are facing difficulty in seeing all the traits. Please find my answer below on this query:

- If you are unable to see any trait in Overlap report than please check for its last 14 day population which should exceed 28000 which is the minimum required size for a trait to appear in overlap report.

For more details on the minimum size requirement, please use following URLs:

Reporting FAQ

Data Sampling and Error Rates in Selected Audience Manager Reports

Overlap Reports: Update Schedule and Minimum Segment Size

Please let me know for any further question.

Ankita Sodhi | Sr. Technical Support Consultant | Customer & Employee Experience | Adobe Systems

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Hello there,

Many thanks for you answer, I have reviewed the links and the thresholds are differents though. It is necessary to create the trait 14 days in advance and the population must exceed 78.000.

Anyway, many thanks for your answer.