New to Adobe Audience Manager - Where to start?



Hi all, 


I'm excited to learn Adobe Audience Manager - Company has migrated over. I am a complete newbie to the Adobe systems. I have been a Google user for 8 years. 


Where would you recommend to start? And what would you follow thereafter?


- People to follow?

- YouTube channels to follow?


All help will be appreciated :-).



AAM learn learning New User

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi, you should start with understanding DMP basic and its purpose for data-driven marketing. You can find such content on Youtube easily. A good place to start here is to get into courses available within the 'Learn' section in Experience League and many video tutorials are available - Once you're through all of them, you could think of getting into the documentation to understand more regarding Audience Manager features and how it works. 

Hope this is helpful. 


You can surely reach out to me for more queries.