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I have a segment with a profile merge rule (PMR) No Authentication and Current Device with a current total segment population of 15.7 M. This segment is currently mapped to the AppNexus (APN) Destination through real time, batch, android and iOS.

I've been testing PMR's and i duplicate the segment about using the PMR No Authentication and Adobe Co-op and the total segment population jumps to 57.3 M.

Clearly I should switch these two segments to take advantage of the larger population correct?

My next question is can I just map the new segment to the same destination ID's for each of the APN destination IDs and unmap the first segment?

I don't want the agency to have to generate new IDs and ad groups just to swap out segments.

Does this make sense? Glenn

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Glenn,

From the Adobe side of things, that should be fine. Simply use the same ID for the segment mapping that the APN team provided for this segment on their end, and we'll export the devices from segment with the same mapping ID.

However, I would still recommend reaching out to the APN team to verify if they see any issues with this from their end.

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