Moving traits between storage folders



Hello there,

I am new to AAM and I am trying to understand how traits behave in storage folders. I know that moving traits between the storage folders might impact segments based on folder traits. What if I am not using folder traits and I decide to move a trait from one storage folder to another? Will that impact segments that are using this trait? Is there anything else that should be taken into consideration while managing traits in Trait Storage?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Karolina,

The traits can be moved easily from one folder to another using "Update" tab of the Bulk Management tool. The only required parameters/columns here are the

1. Trait ids (which traits have to be moved) - sid

2. folder id (to which folder the traits have to be moved) - folderId

In the "update" tab of the BAAAM sheet, add the above mentioned columns. Under these columns, add the trait ids and corresponding folderId where the traits have to be moved and stored.

And the segments are not affected by the movement of traits to other trait folders because only the trait ids (which remain unique throughout the UI) with conditions are required for the creation of segments and this also does not impact the folders (as the folder ids are nowhere included in the rules). One just needs to make sure that the right data source is used and also the traits have to be put in relevant folder.


Neetha Tandur