Max Key Value Pairs In A Trait Rule




Curious if there is a max limit to the number of key value pairs I can include into a trait qualification?

My business requirement has a need to create a segment for a list of 100,000+ variations, and I'm trying to find a solution to accommodate the data ingestion without doing any additional computations to bring the data set to a singular value.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello There,

There is no limit on number of key-value pairs which can be added to a trait but there is certainly a limit on how many traits one can create which is 100,000.

Also, Segment Builder has restriction on number of traits that a segment can hold which is as follows:

1. In Basic View: Add up to 50 (maximum) traits to a segment

2. In Code View: Contain more than 50 traits in an individual segment.

Note: Segments are limited to 5000 traits (maximum).

Further information on usage limits can be found here.

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Answers (5)