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I've been going through the marketplace all morning turning on data feeds for segments and overlap ($0.00 CPM) and have found the marketplace a difficult place to navigate. Every time you click into a provider and then go back to the marketplace is defaults back to ten items per page and page one. This makes navigation very difficult, especially when you are on page 5 with 100 per page and it defaults to page one at ten per page.

Is there a way to download a PDF or Excel file of all the data providers and the feeds that are available to look through without navigating through the UI?

I also just noticed this:

I would like more information about this process. Is it possible to tell the system to only show me partners that provide an ID sync? Please advise. Thanks. Glenn

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Glenn,

You may want to try Adobe Audience Finder at the link below, here you can filter out data providers based on Countries, Industries & Mobile data. To verify if they have an ID sync in place though, you'll have to check each one.



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