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I am currently encountering a volume problem when building my segments.

Example :

  • Segment A composed of
    • Have visited page 1 one the website
    • OR have visited page 2 on the website
    • AND NOT have visited page 3 on the website
  • Segment B composed of
    • Have visited page 3 on the website

So what we have is mutually exclusive segments, but when we check the audience in the activation tool, it seems that they are overlapping

Another example : When this first step is done, we create sub segments based on the device ownership

  • Segment A x Samsung
  • Segment A x Iphone
  • Segment B x Samsung
  • Segment B x Iphone

So the only thing that differs between a segment to another, is adding a trait regarding the device ownership (based on the user-agent). But looking at the audience volumes, we have almost exactly the same audience volumes (in reality we have 6 or 7 subsegments) and they have between 90 and 100% overlap between them.

Also one of the thing we see is that the sum of the subsegments (Segment A x Samsung + Segment A x Iphone + ...) is way bigger than the Segment A population. Furthermore, in the activation tool, there is not a 100% overlap between a Sub-segment (Segment A x Samsung) and it parent segment (Segment A)

I'd like to specify that it is not our first time with AAM, we are a team of experimented consultants with the tool and we have been operating campaigns using the same methodology to build the segments for years. For example, the Device segments are the ones we have already been using in past campaign and they work well.

The things we cannot explain :

  • Looking at the traits individually, they seem to populate normally (they don't follow the same trends) but when merging the different rules between them, it is where the volumes are getting weird (they tend to have the same volume)
  • Looking at the past campaign segments using the same methodology, the volumes seems OK, for the new segments we just change the page triggers (Have visited page 1 instead of Visited page 9 for example)
  • When creating the segment and hitting the "Calculate estimates" button, we have numbers that make sense (Segment A = sum of Sub-segments) but in the end they don't populate the same way at all
  • We have tried many things in order to isolate the issue (Removed frequency, removed impression pixels traits....) but still we have the same problem
  • Different segments have been created by different consultants and still, they all have the same issue

We have tried a lot of things so please let me know if you need more information in order to detect the issue !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Marie,

I think the overlap exist if the brackets are missing in the first segment's definition.

Consider replacing "trait_for_page_1 OR trait_for_page_2 AND NOT trait_for_page_3" with "(trait_for_page_1 OR trait_for_page_2) AND NOT trait_for_page_3".

Let me know if that helps.

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