Is there a way to reference variables created via classifications (based on evars or props) in Audience Manager?

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Hi there,

You can create Traits in AAM based on AA variables.

If you have implemented AAM as Server Side Forwarding or implemented DIL with AA data share code, then all the data that you collect from AA gets shared to AAM.

You can create traits for eVars and props as "c_evar1"="value" Or "c_prop1"="value".


Varun Kalra

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Answers (6)



Yes please add this feature, as well as supporting Merchandising Variables (not just regular eVars).

For any company that has invested in a "proper" Adobe Analytics implementation using Saint Classifications and Merchandising Variables, Audience Manager seems to require you to undo all of this best practice in order to use it.



It's not clear to me how a Derived Signal can help with realizing AAM Traits based on SAINT Classification data.  It seems that the signal for the Classification never reaches AAM in the first place.

Can you clarify, please?