Is the UUID for the same visitor/device going to differ for each AAM installation ?




I understand there are two ways to create UUIDs (which are stored in the 3rd party Demdex cookie),

Option 1. By implementing the Adobe Audience Manager(AAM)

Option 2. By implementing the Marketing Cloud ID(MCID) Service

I went thru the following url and understand how this works with 2 option (

Can someone help me to understand how this functionality be implemented using AAM? Also, since we can have multiple AAM installations across the customers, when a visitor, using same device, browses various websites which were implemented using different AAM installations, is the UUID going to be different across these websites?

In an example, lets' say I visited a website A from of a company A who has AAM installation and then went to website B of a company B who has another AAM installation, will both Company A and Company B track me with the same UUID or different UUIDs ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Suresh,

If you have implemented AAM from different AAM acounts with different methods on two websites and say a single user accesses these both sites using same device's same browser. Then the AAM UUID will be same for both sites, but MID (marketing cloud ID) will be different for those two sites.

AAM UUID is assigned by demdex servers to a browser, and it stays there unless user deletes browser cookie.

Marketing Cloud ID gets generated from AAM UUID and the Partner ID of that AAM account, so that is why it is different for different AAM Account.



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