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Is there any integration between UUID vs DoubleClick cookie id?  Let's say, I have a visitor who visited my own website and also clicked on of my brand's ad in a publisher's website using DoubleClick as AdExchange. If I can get the exposure file from DoubleClick which has the DoubleClick cookie id, can I on-board it into AAM and be able to link with the same visitor's activity in my website ?

Same question with retargetting, will I be able to share my targeted audiences list with DoubleClick using UUIDs ? Is there any integration between AAM and DoubleClick where DoubleClick can recognize the same and convert into their cookie ids for targeting ?

Appreciate your quick response.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Suresh,

When you mention Double Click are you referring to Google DCM ?

The process to integrate Google DBM, Adwords, DFP or DCM starts by sending a request to AAM clientcare or your Adobe Consultant for adding Google s2s destination. You will have to provide Partner ID or Advertiser ID etc. to us.

Once the destination gets added, ID sync with google will also be enabled. That means whenever a user will visit your site for the first time, an ID sync call will fire to sync Google's ID with AAM UUID. For Example, AAM recognises a visitor with ID 1234 and Google recognises that as ABCD, so an ID sync is required.

For DCM specifically, a DBM partner destination needs to be set up in AAM, you will have to provide DBM Partner ID. Further procedure can be shared with you by client care or by Adobe Consultant, you can contact support for that : Contact and support information for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Procedure to import DCM files is explained here : Import DCM Data Files Into Audience Manager