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Hi Team,

I am trying to integrate AAM with AA through DTM and I have done with  adding AAM in DTM. Now I am able to find the event call triggering like in my debugger. Data is not populating in AAM. Please help me to integrate,

1) How to get Partner ID ?

2) If you have any integration Documents (step by step process ) AAM to AA with DTM integration?

Thanks - Satish

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Satish,

I believe you have added both the tools in DTM : AA and AAM.

May I know if you added Marketing Cloud Id service tool as well ?

The recommended way to integrate AA and AAM is via Server Side Forwarding : SSF. As explained in this article : How to implement Adobe Audience Manager?

Now you can enable SSF yourself from AA UI : Server-Side Forwarding

However, if you want to implement client side DIL (or AAM tool) in DTM, then you also need to add a code in custom DIL (aslo known as DIL initialize code) to share data from AA to AAM. Here are the docs :


DIL create

When you see a call like :, then "mycompany" is your partner id. If you still need help in knowing that, then you can contact AAM client care or DM me your details.


Varun Kalra

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