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I created a trait in AAM with the d_campaign and d_placement value hardcoded.  However, on the creative d_campaign is hardcoded and rest is using macro for that ad server.  I can see the value pass in signals trait, however, I am not seeing any data on the trait that I had created.  Can someone please let me us know where we might be going wrong.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Are you able to search for that signal in signals dashboard, with just the key d_placemnet?

Does the pixel have correct subdomain and parameters with numeric values? Could you share a sample pixel here?

If everything is correct, then wait for 48 hours for the trait reports to update.


Varun Kalra

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Answers (2)



Hi, I have a similar question.  We are not seeing data coming in for the impression pixel at all (and have waited well over the 24-48 hour latency period).  We have validated the data source ID (and setup), the trait and segment setup, and that there should be no destination required for the impression pixel.  We have also validated the syntax for the impression pixel within the partner interface (Google).  We are at a loss for why this is still occurring?  Any ideas?