Implementation Questions for web and mobile (SSF enabled)




I'm a new user of AAM and since the documentation is missing some information I have a few questions.

I currently have AA, Target and Marketing Cloud ID Service implemented via DTM for web and SDK for mobile apps.

All use the latest code versions.

For starters I've implemented the AAM Module in the AA tool in DTM and enable SSF from AA Admin interface.

Also in DTM in the I've added the Marketing Cloud ID Service Settings the audienceManagerServer and audienceManagerServerSecure.

We actively use 4 report suites in AA for web and mobile apps. This are all mapped to the same OrgID and available in AAM.

Now for the questions:

  • is SSF available for Mobile Services as well and what settings should be made in the Mobile Services UI or SDK?
  • in AAM what ID Type should be selected for specific report suite Data Sources (mobile and web).
  • Traits and Segments should be build based on the specific report suite Data Source or the Active Audience Data Source?
    For example I would like for a specific report suite to have two segments: one with all profiles and one with Authenticated profiles.

Thank You!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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You can learn about implementing AAM for Ios from the following guideline - Audience Manager Methods.

To turn on SSD in AA please follow the steps in the document - Turn on Server-Side Forwarding



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Answers (2)



Hi Varun,

Thank you for sharing that link!

Is there something similar for iOS as well. Also on the AA side I need to enable SSF as well?