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Can someone please explain what the benefit of the ID sync is in a data feed?

Note: If this Data Provider has provided Audience Manager with an ID sync call, Audience Manager will activate their ID sync on your behalf. This is recommended in order to ensure the highest possible match rate with the data provider. Clear the "Turn on associated ID sync when subscribing to this feed" check box if you want to deactivate the ID sync.

Why would I want to deactivate the ID sync?

Thanks. Glenn

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Glenn,

When you check that check box, it will enable the ID syncing of your device IDs with data provider's IDs.

So whenever there is a new device ID seen in your web properties, you should be able to see an ID sync call being fired:

This call will sync the visitor's AAM Device ID that is assigned by your instance of AAM to the device ID that data provider has assigned to it.


Varun Kalra