How Traits or Segments Population Data will Impact During the Logic Changes in Adobe Audience Manager



Hi Team,

I was just wondering on how the Unique Trait Realizations or Total Trait Population data are getting impact while changing the logic during the data processing in Adobe Audience Manager.

Suppose for example, I have created Trait & Segment ID with regular expression logic on last week and later someone or myself has modified again the same trait with additional conditions. Is there anyway that the Trait or Segment population data will be re-processing for the entire days starting from created date or the data will be processed only for the modified logic and the previous data will not be changed (constant).

Can you kindly help us with some insights.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Vijay,

Data will be processed for the modified logic post the change, while earlier data will be retained. Upon modifying a trait expression, there may be users who no longer qualify for that trait, but they will still exist in the trait population until TTL is expired/cookie is deleted; while there will be new users who qualify based on the revised expression, and will get added to the total trait population.



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