How to use AA data at AAM?




I wonder how, once completed the server side forwarding set-up, can the data from AA be used at audience manager. Is it enough to reference the eVar/prop name? I don't understand neither how AAM knows where is getting the data from when you set a datasource

Please help me

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Hi there,

So now if AAM has been implemented using SSF, first make sure that SSF is enabled correctly. You can check this article on SSF check:

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Now if you want to create traits based on AA variables then just add a prefix c_ with them. For example if you want to create a rule based trait with this rule : evar1 == 20 , then in AAM, create it like this c_evar1 == 20. You can also contact AAM client care and get the unused signal report enabled for your AAM account and see the unused signals. You will see signals like these c_evar, c_prop, so to avoid any error, you can reference to unused signals while creating rule based traits.



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Thanks Gaurang,

Sadly, your information doesn't help me with my issue . Maybe I didn't explain myself clearly, so I try now: I don't want to use analytics as an AAM destination (actually I will "export" the audiences to Google's DFP), but the thing I'm not understanding at all is how to reference that the variable I'm using in a trait is the one sent by analytics.

This far I know it's possible to send Adobe analytics data to adobe audience manager, to use it in this last tool to create traits, right? My trouble is how when i say in a trait to use the variable "eVar5" Audience Manager knows where to look for that "eVar5". I've noticed that in traits it requested to pick a datasource, but in the set-up of a datasource there is no reference to the source of the information either.

So, to sum up, the question is: how, once SSF' set-up is ready, I can grab the data and use it to create traits/segments?

Until now, with all the reading I've done, I still can't understand this "last step" that is using the data received from analytics to create traits.

Maybe I'm all wrong with my understanding of the ecosystem, so any help will be really appreciated .

P.S.: The global plan I'm working on is to collect info. from my website with Adobe Analytics, then crate traits/segments with that data (sent by Server Side Forwarding), and then set up Google's DFP as an Audience Manager destination.


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Hi Iganco,

Thanks for your question.

Glad that you've been able to configure Server side forwarding. To send data from AA and to be used in Audience Manager. You might find this article on Sharing Analytics Data to Audience Manager useful. Feel free if you have any further queries view this resource.

Hope this helps