How to upload data from Amazon redshift table into Audience Manager



Hi All

I am very new to adobe audience manager and am in urgent need to help upload some data from an existing amazon redshift table into audience manager. I am unable to find any documentation that helps me understand the exact steps for this process, can you please help me.

P.S: For now I would like it to be a one time activity

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)





I would review Audience Managers documentation for sending offline data via batch format.

Send Batch Data to Audience Manager Overview

This would involve exporting out data from your Redshift table into a file, with the correct syntax (name and rows) described in the above documentation. Once the file is ready, you'd upload to the Adobe Audience Manager S3 bucket for your Organization.

If you don't have an S3 bucket set up yet, please see this reply here: Re: AAM Admin '' will not load.


Shane Nielson