How to send Audiences to Target and Unica from AAM?




Dear Members,

I am new to AAM.

We have created traits & formulated Segments using Analytics Data Source and now we need to send the the final Audiences/Segment from AAM to Target and our campaign tool Unica.

How can we send the data to both the destinations?

Under Destinations we have only URL and Cookie Type.

For Target, as per the link, Configure an Analytics Destination i cannot see 'Adobe Experience Cloud' in the Category drop down. It is only 'Custom' available. So, I am not able to send the audiences to Adobe Analytics or Target. How to fix?

For Unica, how can i integrate with AAM? How can i send the Audiences to Unica?

Thank You


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi PratheepArunRaj wait until you get more response from the forum but as a starting point, I believe you are not seeing the 'Adobe Experience Cloud' because you need to be provisioned for Profiles and Audiences - Please see Integrate Audience Manager With Target

Also see Shared Audiences Provisioning Request

As for Unica, I don't see then listed in our integrations list so you may have to work with them to see which method is best for them to receive data.