How to identify the integration code (segid) for a website or app?



Hi There,

I was wondering on how to get the integration code (segid) for a website/app to use into the Trait expression section in Adobe Audience Manager (AAM).

This will really helpful for us to get the "segid" code instead of using other key values such as prop, evar or context data in expression builder of Trait expression section.

Please help me if you have any inputs?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Vijay,

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Integration code is used as an alias for Data Source ID. So, it is used in Customer ID sync calls when we use the platform variable : d_cid_ic

For more info check this doc : CID Replaces DPID and DPUUID

If you want to qualify a user for a rule based trait using a pixel call or a parameter in the URL, then you can use the platform variable:
d_sid for rule based traits, check this doc: Pixel-based Data Transfers

Let me know if I understood your question correctly, and if the above info helps.


Varun Kalra

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