How to detect when a user leaves a funnel?



Hello everyone,

We want to include into a segment the users who have completed the 4 first steps of a 5-step funnel but not the fifth. Our idea is a segment which includes the traits of completing these 4 steps AND NOT the fifth, but in this case every single user would populate this segment before finishing de proccess.

Any idea to avoid this behaviour?

Many thanks for your inputs.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Your logic is correct, in your segment definition you would exclude the Trait (Step 5) with a AND NOT operator.

This will work find for most S2S destinations that support unsegment. Meaning that as you have said most would qualify for the condition until they convert on step5. It depends on the destination the segment is mapped to. If the destination does not support unsegment, can you create 2 segments 1. (step1 - 4) and 2. step 5 and exclude the segment step5 on the activation side.


Segment Expressions (each of the steps are traits):

( step1 AND step2 AND step3 AND step4 ) AND NOT step5

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