How can I figure out which signals can be captured from a standard DIL code?



Hi there,

Can anyone help me in figuring out how and what signals can I capture from a standard DIL code. I have configured the AAM extension in Launch the what next step do I need to take?

Also how will these signals show up in my AAM platform?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Once you have implemented DIL on a web page, then there are 2 ways you an send data to your AAM instance:

1. Using DCS api calls , also known as pixel calls: Data Collection Server (DCS) API Methods and Code

2. Using DIL apis, that you define in the DIL custom code: Instance-level DIL Methods

Platform level keys will be already captured by default if any event call is being fired for demdex. So, you can create traits from platform signals without sending those from the page.

Read more on platform level keys here:

Geotargeting With Platform-level Keys

Device Targeting With Platform-level Keys


Varun Kalra