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I'd like to create 2 segments
1) Visited our app ever

2) Visited our app within the last 14 days 


So for 2) I set the trait to expire after 14 days. However, I'm not able to also have a duplicate trait expiring after 120 days. I get the error message

"Another trait (18872745) exists with the same trait rule, using the same data source and trait type. Please use it instead."


Is there a way to achieve this other than adding some redundant condition to one of the traits, which I'd like to avoid? 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




If you create another trait or segment with exact same logic, AAM will not let you create another and suggest you to use existing, as there is a limit on number of traits and segments you create.


To cope that, I would create the app visitor trait with the default expiry of 120 days or 0 days so it never expires.

Then I would create two segments:

Segment 1: Using app visitor trait only without any recency and frequency setting.

Segment 2: Activity trait (search with All Active Visitors) AND "app visitor trait" with recency <= 14 days and frequency => 1.



Varun Kalra

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