Download mapped user profile data?



Is there a way for me to download the general mapped population data? like my CRM ID mapping to UUID? from Audience Manager?

long story short, I am trying to extract a population of segmented people and upload that raw mapping into a database.

is this even possible?

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You'll have to request a few exports from customer care:

1- your ID sync export, this will provide your declared ID (CRM ID) to a UUID

2 - a segment export, this will contain all the UUIDs in your segment, map against #1 to get customer data back


3 - request a CDF log to be created to collect event level data (will be very large overtime best for data lake environments)

Hope that helps, all will be available via an outbound S3





Hello @stevemalko

The exports mentioned above can be setup by Customer Care only and there is no additional cost for this.

If you wish to setup these export then please reach out to Customer Care via with following information.

1. Company Name or PID

2. DatasourceID for which this export is required.

3. If you need segmentID along with the CRMID.