Doubts about Audience Manager



I'm starting to use Audience Manager and I’ve some questions about it. Can you guys help me please?

  1. What the real concept of Traits? What is the difference between Traits and Segments? Traits are more specifc and Segments "global"?
  2. I've an eVar at Adobe Analytics that uniquely identifies  users. I can use it to identify users at AAM or i need to start the process of identifying users again?
  3. How i “import” variables (eVars, props and events) values from Adobe Analytics? Classifications are imported?

I've accessed the documentation but it doesn't explain very well this points.
If you've any doc with tips, it will be really helpful.


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Answers (1)




Traits are individual data elements that equate to signal fires. Traits can be combined using boolean logic and recency/frequency to create segments. A segment is the dynamic audience profile that is pushed out to various marketing channels.
Here is additional documentation-

The Analytics evars/props are mapped to AAM traits during the implementation process. Your AAM consultant will work with you to develop a custom taxonomy and build the corresponding rules in AAM to capture Analytics variables.

Once the AAM code is deployed, you will create traits based on the Analytics variables. Your AAM consultant will help with this configuration during the implementation.