Does AAM collects only Text Data Types?





Does the audience manager collect only signals as text data types only? i have seen in trait expression we have >= or <=  operators but still don't find any documentation what are the data types that the audience manager collects. 


Also, if we are using SSF how this data type is defined and works for numeric or date related signals?







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Hi Keerthi,


AAM collects signals with assignment operator: "="


All the variables in Adobe Analytics web beacon call come to AAM with c_  prefix. Example prop10 will come to AAM as c_prop10 because of SSF.


There are no such date and time data types in AAM, and trait rules rely on Comparison and String Matching operators.

Please check this doc on operators :


Broadly, there are only numeric and string data types, but there is no place in AAM to define. So, we don’t need to bother much about data types. It depends upon the operator and values.

Following are all the operators to be used in traits:


  • “==” can be used for string as well as numeric. In case of exact match string as well as exact number match.

So, you can use any combination of characters: numeric, string or alpha numeric etc. with them.


  • =>, <=, < , > are operators that expect numeric values only.


  • contains, startswith, endswith: Treat all values as string If you put number in value, that will be treated as string.



Varun Kalra

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