DIL Trati in AAM



We have integrated AAM  code in One of out website using tealium

DIL as https://sssss.demdex.net/event?_ts=1558540394619 and we get

From Data in


Responce is200 K

I can see the trait  number increase in VisitorProfileViewer In real time it's 3 days now we activated the tag

but still we can,t see the Trait key in AAM and its value

Do we need any configuration in DCS?

We don't find any Info how to manage the signals we get from this kind of DIL

Any help will be really appreciated

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Hello Santosh,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Based on the given description, I understand that you have AAM implemented on the page and using which you are able to see one event call along with some set of parameters. Also, with VisitorProfileViewer you are able to see trait getting qualified.

But I am not clear when you say "but still we can,t see the Trait key in AAM and its value". Please help me in understanding the issue.

If  you are seeing trait under VisitorProfileViewer then you wont see that key-value pair in unused signal report.