Data onboarding file - Date format and Product arrays



I would like to on board CRM data into AAM

Just want to confirm a couple items

1. Date formatting

Preferred method is to use a counter instead of actual dates

For example.

Product purchase date = 8/20/2018. This will not allow us to build traits for days since last purchase = 8 days

Preffered method would be to create aggregations. 'Days since last purchase' = 8

Is this correct?

2. Product arrays

Would AAM accept product arrays. For example if a specific customer has purchased 12 items in the last 24 months. If we list these purchased items in an array would AAM be able to read the array?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mandeep,

1. That is correct there is no date format while getting signals, so you need to create the trait with this kind of expression : "Days since last purchase" <= "8" and use the same signal in onboarded files.

2. If you are sing one key with multiple values then you can use contains or matchesregx operator in expression builder tool, else you can create one trait per product.

Check these docs on operators: Order of Operations in Trait Builder

Working with Comparison Operators in Trait Builder


Varun Kalra