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Hi Team


when we are signing out from our website we are wiping out all the cookies from the site. Should any of the experience cloud cookies be kept instead ? If we are deleting is there any impact to number of devices that shows up in AAM ?


just wanting to understand if there is any implication ?

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Hi there,

Please refer to the below docs for information on cookies and how they are set.

Cookies and the ID Service

How the ID Service requests and sets IDs

When it specifically comes to audience manager if we are deleting the cookie after logout ,the customer Id will be associated with a new cookie/device ID every time logs in.However,there are limits to the number of cross-device ID mappings associated to a device ID.

The new limits are:

• 100 device IDs per cross-device ID

• 10 cross-device IDs per device ID

For details on the new mapping limits visit the Usage Limits documentation



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