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I need to understand how to personalize content shown to a visitor based on his first or repeat visit to their website. Since, we don't know the visitor's identity, I think all we have at this point in time is the visitor's IP address on the server and 1st party cookie storing the online behavior of visitor

  • Can we match this IP address or 1st party cookie to maybe a third party data provider's cookies and extract demographic and behavioral information about that visitor and segment them in a DMP?
  • If the answer to above Q is yes, what are such 3rd party onboarder services and their match rates?
  • What are key considerations that one has to keep in mind in terms of selecting an onboarder?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello There,

When we are looking to share our data between multiple Adobe Solutions, Experience Cloud ID plays the key role.

Analytics work with MID(Experience Cloud ID) and Analytics data when shared with Target, it will be based on the same MID only.

When a User A is visiting your website from Device D, he/she will get themselves assigned with MID and UUID. This MID and UUID stays in the browser unless removed explicitly or activity done via incognito mode. As the MID and UUID is present in the browser, now if User A is visits another website and this website is from the Data Provider which we have referenced in Audience Marketplace.

In above situation, same MID and UUID will be shared with us as well as with the Data Provider.

Turn of events will be:

  1. Analytics will capture MID for data collection.
  2. AAM will consider UUID.
  3. The above two points will establish a link between MID and UUID which Target will use.
  4. Here, Target will see MID and against this MID all the UUIDs with their segmentation will be sent to Target as per the activity logic.

I hope this helps, please let me know for any additional question.

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Answers (2)



Agreed. How do you tie these first party data (in this case analytics)

with a 3rd party data signals (e.g. derived from any partner in audience

marketplace) for more refined targeting and segmentation? Is this the way

as pointed by article




Segment based on new and repeat visitor to website can be created in analytics which will be available in AAM and can be used for personalizing content.