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Say we have a bank consumer, who is at the initial awareness stage, and then moves to research stage, then next evaluation stage.

What if we had a list of content pages we expect the consumer to review and track them as such, for each stage of the customers journey. So 3-10 pages for awareness, 5-15 pages for research. 1-3 pages for evaluation. and we'd segment, or categorize the consumer by their stage.

How would we track the consumer into the persona category, and then track them through the stages, moving them from one stage to the next? Using adobe audience manager and adobe analytics?

Could you give examples?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




I would suggest using a counter eVar and numeric success event and passing and increment to the eVar and event on each page load for the specific pages.
You could do this in DTM or similar TMS

Alternatively you could also us processing rules which would give the business user greater control over modifying the pages that should increment the engagement event.

Considering the concept that not all pages are made equal and other interactions such as pdf download, interaction with a tool such a a loan calculator in the FSI use case a more advanced approach to engagement scoring would be to increment the numeric event by 1 for a page view, 2 for a pdf download, 3 for a calculator, 10 for an application started but not completed."event99=1";



The eVar will help you understand which level of engagement has a higher propensity to convert for different types of conversions.

The event will help you understand which marketing channels, campaigns , internal search KWs generate higher scored engagements. (you will need to use calculated metrics to average these our per visit in order to normalise the data).

You can also trend this.

If you are looking to measure engagement scores over different temporal horizons (for example visit vs month vs lifetime) you could populate 2 eVars or more with different expiration windows.

I hope this helps.

There are a few blogs around on this and will try to add them in the comments if I can dig them out for you.

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Do you also have Adobe Analytics ?

If you have AA then you can create a rule using eVar to count number of unique page views by a visitor, and it's value increases to +1 for every different page view. Then, if AA's data is being shared to AAM, then you can create traits like "unique page views by a visitor upto 4" with condition:  (c_eVar <= 4), and then can create a segment named evaluation using this trait.

Let me know if you only have AAM implemented on the site.



Thanks so much. These articles are really helpful.

What would be the additional benefit of using Adobe Audience Manager beyond the ability to bring in 3rd party data in this persona..or visitor scoring example?




Hi there,

Then going with AA would be a good approach. Since it's a web analytics tool, there must surely be a way to create an eVar and increase it's counter on other additional page visits. Then that captured data from AA to AAM can be shared, and you can create traits and segments using that.