Capturing Campaign Click Data into Audience Manager directly from Adobe Media Optimizer



Hi Everyone,

Can we directly get Search Ad Campaign related data from Adobe Media Optimizer to Adobe Audience Manager? The intent is to create traits and segments on top of this data.

I know that we can do 'Media tracking pixel ingestion into the ad, as a landing page' by following this link: Capturing Campaign Click Data via Pixel Calls .

However, instead of these pixels, is there a way to natively pump the Search Ad Campaign data into Audience Manager?

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Hi there,

As of now there is no direct integration using which we can directly get Search Ad Campaign related data from Adobe Media Optimizer to Adobe Audience Manager but it is possible through adobe analytics.

Advertising Cloud is able to pass data in Analytics via our server to server integration for us to understand if the ad impacted the consumer to visit the website. For example, we can capture view-through data and understand if someone saw the display ad (delivered via Advertising Cloud) and then went to the advertisers' web page a few days later (via the Analytics pixel on the web-page), we can capture that as a view-through conversion and say the ad contributed to the person visiting the website. From there, Analytics can understand other ways users are interacting with the web page (bounce rate, page views etc.) to help create audiences to re-target, or build look-a-likes (via pushing Analytics segments into Audience Manager). Additionally, we can create audiences via Analytics data and push those audience segments into Audience Manager through server to server integration to house all segments in one place for


For more information on this integration,you can also refer to below link from advertising  cloud community:

Impression data to Audience Manager (AAM)



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