Can we integrate Adobe Audience Manager with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?




We use Adobe Audience Manager (along with Analytics and Target, and we don't have AEM) and the email team in the organization uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud automation. I was wondering if there's a way to have any kind of integration between both - maybe a destination in AAM which sends segment data to Salesforce or any other inbound to or outbound from AAM connection.

I can see apps in Adobe Exchange about sending data to Salesforce DMP but we don't have Salesforce DMP, just their automation platform for email marketing.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Kapil,

If you need to send data from AAM to any other Salesforce platform (apart from their DMP), then we do not have server to server integrations.

We can set up a daily export on your s3 or ftp for the customer IDs/ device IDs and their corresponding segment IDs. You can get that batch file and check if that can be imported to their email marketing platform. (Please contact AAM customer care for this request)

Apart from that, you can create URL destination if they can receive real time data via http.


Varun Kalra

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Answers (2)



Thanks for the multiple options!

I'm going to try the URL destination firing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud pixel selectively for qualifying visitors on the website and will update shortly if it works.