Can we have multiple declared ids with same integration code



We are planning to integrate kakao and AAM for one of our use case , where we need to onboard kakao id along with our company crm id in dcs call. We are unsure it is good to have both ids with same integration code in dcs calls, also we need to know how that behaves. Could you please help us on this.




d_visid_ver: 2.4.0
d_fieldgroup: AAM
d_rtbd: json
d_ver: 2
d_mid: 55049628266143632253362635576663235169
d_blob: RKhpRz8krg2tLO6pguXWp5olkAcUniQYPHaMWWgdJ3xzPWQmdj0y
d_cid_ic: customer_id30005253601 - CRM ID
d_cid_ic: customer_id63546356363 - KAKAO ID
ts: 1586966266141

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Both Ids will be stored under the same data source, and linked to the same AAM UUID.
I may suggest setting up a new data source with a separate integration code, so you could export these IDs separately in the future, or segment them separately.


Keep in mind if you do use two separate data sources, you'll need to include them in a profile merge rule (last authentication or current authentication) if you plan on segmenting the cross-device IDs into a segment.

However, there are technically no issues if you want to store both IDs within the same data source.