Can we build Segments out of Segments in AAM




We have two different cross device profile merge rule created (scoped with different data source), one CRM (DPID 123) and one for products attributes (DPID 456). so when we build the segments, can we combine these two distinct onboarded trait together in segments and apply any profile merge rule.

As i understand profile merge rule work based on datasource, so the rule that applied in segment, which is not connect with the one trait that I configured, will still be stretching the user? Example: CRM users(DPID 123) + black jeans product(DPID 456) both are onboarded trait.

Is that possible or this is right way to do. Is there any option to build segments out of segments in AAM?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello keerthivasanj96056092​,

I understand your use case and you can do so provided you have an ID sync enabled for both datasources i.e. the ID sync call is required to be made to both the datasources( or as required).

Let's say, if UserA is synced with only CRM datasource but you have applied Product Attributes based Profile Merge Rule then UserA might not qualify for your segment as it is not active in the chosen datasource.

As a recommendation, please try to have a common or master datasource while syncing the users and use this datasource in the PMR options.

I couldn't relate the statement "segments out of segments", please elaborate a bit more on this and accordingly I can explain what can be done to achieve this.