can i see customer journey with adobe tools?



ga customer journey example.JPG


1) is it possible to analyze customers web journey like the picture above ? (google analytics's customer flow analysis) 

2) if it is, can i see the integrated journey with other DMP ? (my CDP + other DMP) 

 - if i'm one of e-commerce owner and i integrated DMP of one social media channel's DMP, can i see the web journey such as 1) 3k customers went to SNS channel's home page 2) among 3k customer, 2k customers went to SNS channel's one of web page 3) among that 2k customers, 1k customers went to my e-commerce website....

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Hi there,


The picture that you posted looks like Adobe Analytics flow visualization:


Adobe Analytics has a number of visualizations to support that for example: flow, fallout, fallthrough etc.

Since AAM is a DMP, it does not have the customer journey analysis capabilities. It is more a web analytics feature.



Varun Kalra