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I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into what the BAAAM error "Conflict" might mean. All the data matches what is shown in the Marketplace and 80% of the Create Segments BAAAM I just ran ran correctly.

Anybody else ever work through a conflict with BAAAM?


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"Conflict" in BAAAM occurs for a trait, when the trait rule for this trait using some particular data source has already been created.

For example: Let's say Trait-A is to be created with trait rule "name = abc" and uses the data source "ABC".

And there is already a trait called Trait-B with trait rule "name = abc" and uses the same data source as above - "ABC"

In this case, BAAAM throws the error of "Conflict".

Note: Two traits can have the same trait rule provided they are created using different data sources.


Neetha Tandur

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Answers (2)




Is there any other way "conflict" might be returned. I'm trying to BAAAM segments using active, third-party data feeds and there is not a conflict that I can see.

Can BAAAM timeout? I'm trying to do thousands at a time and entire loads are coming back as conflict. There is not duplication with what I am trying to do?

I've noticed that certain data providers do not use parentheses in the segment rules. Will the use of, or lack of, parentheses through off a BAAAM request of create a segment:

(285667T) AND (14490846T) AND (13042563T)

Any ideas?