Audiences based on IP addresses



We would like to create an Audience based on the IP addresses to identify internal traffic. We do not want to filter this traffic out but would be interested to use this audience in Analytics to as a segment.

The configuration in Analytics is not very charming as we cannot use RegEx for this Audience.

Does somebody has an implementation example or can point me to a documentation somewhere.

Thank you in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Christopher - how long is your IP address list? The best way to do it is create traits based on h_ip which is the IP address that comes in the header. You have a limit of how many rules you can have in a trait so if your list of IPs are long, then you might need to break them into few traits.  Also you should use the Bulk Uploader (BAAAM) to do this since it will be tedious via the console.


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