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I have a query regarding detaching/removing traits linked to a visitor's profile during her online visit?

Eg: If a visitor has visited a subscription page for student, link the "student" trait to the visitor. As soon as the visitor goes to professional subscription page, remove the "student" trait and link the "professional" trait.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Audience Manager currently doesn't have the capability to remove traits from a visitor profile in realtime but it can be done using the d_unsid key in the offline onboarding files.

Here are few workarounds to choose from depending on your use case:

  • Use targeting platform to exclude user with 'student' profile/segment if the user is qualified for the 'professional' segment.
    This would be more suitable in realtime integrations with targeting platforms like Adobe Target. This workaround can be leveraged for content personalization.
  • Use a 'Cross Device' data source to add or remove traits (using the d_unsid key) from users' profiles via offline ingestion of data. This workaround is more suitable in cases where offline records of users' profiles are maintained and targeting requirement is not realtime.
  • Create segment rule to exclude one of the traits. You can create segment rule to look for 'professional' trait and not 'student' trait. This way users qualified for both the traits won't qualify for the segment.

Let me know if either of these work for you.



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Answers (6)



No, It won't work..

For example, a user qualifies to trait A and therefore to segment A. Then, he must leave segment A and gets into to segment B, but for that, he should quit trait A and qualify to trait B, which is not possible in real- time

Thank you all for your help on this.



Hi Varun,

Many thanks for your prompt reply, but this solution doesn't work for me.

In my scenario there are 5 segments, and the users can only belong to one segment, so if a user qualifies for a segment, he must quit the previous segment he was in.

Any idea to tackle this issue in real time? My idea was using d_unsid in a pixel, but this funcionality has not been added yet.

Thanks and best regards




Hi Manuel,

The real time unrealization of trait is still not there.

You can check this article on instant cross device suppression feature : Marketing Cloud Help

This uses AND NOT operator and frequency capping to unrealize a device from a segment at real time.

Also, check an example on this forum thread: Does AAM oust users from segments?


Varun Kalra




I would need to know if it is possible now to remove traits from a user in real time. I have read in the question below that this was going to be an enhancement for the 2018.

Does the onboarding signal "d_unsid" work for rule-based traits?

Devinder, your workarounds are great, but they don't work in my scenario.

Thanks and best regards