Audience Manager to Google Ads integration issues



Existing AAM to Google Ads integration

The existing AAM to Google Ads integration seems to be broken for many of my clients.

While setting up the segment mapping in RLSA, there used to be 3 options under ‘Visited Page’ section of Audience Tab which are as follows –

  • URL
  • Referrer URL
  • AAM


The URL destination pixel on the page seems to be firing fine.;a...

New AAM to Google Ads integration

Also when trying to set up a new Adwords URL destination, we can no longer generate the RLSA pixel tag from Adwords since it only support gtag.js/event snippet implementation.

Any formal response from Adobe on the above issue or can someone share the latest integration document for AAM and Adwords.



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franciscor54562584​ We were always creating audiences using aam=segid, but 'aam' had disappeared from the dropdown in Ads UI. We raised a Google support ticket and they did some changes to enable it back and we can now again create the audience the old way.



Hello, are all of your audiences now populating correctly? We are using the conversion label in the google conversion pixel instead as our mapping however, not all of the audiences are populating correctly. I've been going back and forth with google/adobe but haven't suggested your resolution just yet.



Thanks Jason, I will try it soon and let you know if it works. The gtag approach definitely does not.

Also, any idea if we are able to put AAM impression and click tracking pixels in the Adwords display banners?



We don’t want to use the Gtags. I forwarded the instructs to the agency folks and their Google contact said we needed Gtags. It was a total mess spanning months.



No, sorry.  We didn't have to use Gtags on our site.  I assume you tried installing the gtag.js file to your site using the Google provided documentation already but running into some challenges.

gtag.js Developer Guide  |  Global site tag (gtag.js)



We are not able to see your images, but it sounds like your are trying to setup a Google RLSA.

I recently set up a Google RLSA using the following document - Send Segments to a Google AdWords Remarketing List

Hope that helps and is what you are needing.