Audience Manager Segment not recognizing user



I am setting up a simple AAM Segment, basically when a user visits a page.

The trait rule is defined as c_pageURL = "[webpage url]"

I've tried multiple event types, but it still wont work. It wont even work when i try the Test Event URL. The website has been configured correctly and has worked for other segments, I am taking over the ownership and trying to apply some new segments

What am i missing thats causing this to work?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Steve,

1. Have you waited for 48 hours? as the AAM reporting is delayed by 48 hours for traits and segments, but segments become actionable as soon as visitor hits the signal. So, you can verify the trait qualification using Visitor Profile Viewer in AAM UI under tools.

2. How are you passing that signal: c_pageURL from your webpage? Is that defined in AAM custom code or are you using Adobe Analytics? All Adobe Analytics variables come to AAM with c_ prefix if Server Side Forwarding is enabled from AA to AAM.

Could you create a similar trait with operator as "contains" instead of "==" and use some part of the URL, not the exact URL.

3. If you have not set up any custom code or SSF for AA to AAM, then could you create a rule based trait using an AAM platform variable, see if that works?
--> Just create a rule based trait with this rule: h_referer contains "webpage or some part of URL".


Varun Kalra