Audience Manager .overwrite file upload type clarification



I’m hoping to get clarity on the behaviour of a .overwrite file upload into Audience Manager.

If I have 10 users that have had traits uploaded (key/value pairs) via an initial .overwrite file, then I wish to overwrite only 5 of those users, do I need to upload a new file with only the 5 users to overwrite or do I have to re-upload all 10.

In this link it says, you do not need to include all of your users in an overwrite file. Include only those users that you want to change.

But this second link it seems to say the opposite, A full file overwrites ALL of your existing visitor profiles and replaces them with the data in your file.

One says it will overwrite ALL, one says it will only overwrite those users included in the new file... I'm confused....

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Aaron,

Apologies for the confusion caused. I will get the documentation reviewed.

In actual, both of the documents are correct. If you uploaded 10 records with say 2 signals in first overwrite file.

Now, that you want to have additional 2 signals for only 5 of the records, so in this case, you will have to add 5 record rows with 4 signals (2 existing and 2 new). If you will add only 2 new signals, then the .overwrite file will unrealize (unrealize traits) these 5 IDs for old 2 signals.

For updating existing data, if you use .sync file, then that will not unrealize these 5 IDs for old existing signals, even if you add only 2 new signals.

When I use signals, that means "key"="value" pairs.