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Some of our clients use Adobe Audience Manager and we're investigating integration options with AAM. The use-case relevant to us is getting a list of contacts (emails) from AAM so that we can suppress them during campaign targeting.

We looked through the product documentation and it mentions the following:

"Real-time calls exchange data with Audience Manager immediately, as a user visits your site or takes action on the page. With this method, targeting systems get the most updated segment qualification data and can take that information into account during a content or ad delivery decision."

In the API documentation, however, I can't find details that would suggest if and how we could get a bulk export of customer email addresses (or hashed emails), or do a real-time lookup when a customer arrives on a widget (i.e. where they are shown the ad/offer). Could you please help fill in the gaps?


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Hey malihak75705946​,

Let me first re-iterate to see if I got this right.

We have an AAM customer (Client A) which ingests data in AAM using a hashed email address (as Varun mentioned, onboarding using real email addresses is not permitted since it is considered PII). The hashed email address is what we can a customer id.

Once the data is in AAM, we want to export the data to a partner (eg. Rokt platform). The data consists of the hashed email address + the list of qualified segments. This information is used by the partner (Rokt) to take an informed decision regarding when it comes to targeting the enduser.

I believe the question is: how can we setup the export of the data from an advertiser (AAM customer) to a partner (Rokt platform). The end goal is for the partner to receive the list of hashed email addresses + the list of segments qualified for each of them.

(Please correct me if I got it wrong).

There are several ways to achieve this export:

1. Using realtime data transfers to the partner

This would require the partner (Rokt platform) to offer AAM an HTTP(S) endpoint. This endpoint would be used by AAM to push segment information using realtime HTTP calls, whenever a new data collection event is received in AAM for that specific enduser. The HTTP payload would be a JSON message similar to this one:


"ProcessTime": "Wed Jul 27 16:17:42 UTC 2016",

"Client_ID": "74323", // the advertiser id

"AAM_Destination_Id": "423",

"User_count": "1",

"Users": [{    

   "AAM_UUID": "19393572368547369350319949416899715727",

   "DataPartner_UUID": "hashed_email_address",

   "Segments": [{

            "Segment_ID": "14356",

            "Status": "1",

            "DateTime": "Wed Jul 27 16:17:22 UTC 2016"



            "Segment_ID": "12176",

            "Status": "0", 

            "DateTime": "Wed Jul 27 16:17:22 UTC 2016"





This would allow the partner to save the relevant information (hashed_email_address and the list of segments), which it can then use to offer the right experience to the enduser.

More information here: Real-Time Outbound Data Transfers

2. Using batch data transfer to the partner

AAM can be instrumented to push big chunk of files to an AWS S3 bucket or an FTP account. From there, the partner and download the files, parse them and save the information.

Does it make sense?



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Answers (4)



Hi Varun,

Thanks for the quick response.

Here's how the scenario works:

  • The advertiser manages their custom audiences (contacts) in AAM.
  • The advertiser uses the Rokt platform to advertise to potential/existing customers.
  • In order for Rokt to target the right users, we require access to the advertiser's custom audience list that resides in AAM. We can either make a real-time call to AAM (to match against the user's email address) to see if that user exists in the Advertiser's contacts, OR periodically get (in batches) an audience list from AAM and match against that locally.

According to the documentation provided here: Real-Time Outbound Data Transfers and your response above, it seems we will need to use the Adobe UUID to match the user. Now, even if we get a batch export of the Adobe UUIDs for that Advertiser's AAM account, how do we match them against the user that's visited the widget/page? We only have the user's email address.





Hi there,

Audience Manager does not collect PII like email addresses, check following docs for more info :

Inbound Customer Data Ingestion FAQ

Targeting FAQ

If you are passing hashed email addresses to AAM as dpuuid, then you can get a bulk export with that field in the exported file. You will have to contact your Audience Manager Consultant or Client Care team to set up a bulk export, but that bulk export is not real time, it will have a look back period of few hours.

Could you explain the scenario in bit more detail ?