Any way to speed up onboarded trait realizations in AAM?



I'm curious if anyone has any tips on ways to speed up the onboarding process? Ours seem to take a full 2+ days to realize in the UI. We're currently using FTP and planning to move to the S3 but I don't expect that to make much difference. We're currently splitting up files based on the documented file size recommendation. Anything else? Thanks.

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Hi there,


Are you checking the onboarding status report or the trait's report?


In order to speed up, I would subscribe for the onboarding status notifications, and notice the trend of file processing times.

AAM ingests the files twice a day, those times keep on shifting.

For example, these days AAM is picking inbound files anywhere between: 05:00 AM GMT to 08:00 AM GMT. Then another file ingestion takes place anywhere between: 04:00 PM GMT to 07:00 PM GMT. So, if the file gets uploaded few hours before these processing windows, it will get picked for further processing.
Again, these are not the official time slots when AAM will starts the file picking job, as it keeps on varying. These time windows are based on the current trend derived from the onboarding status emails.



Varun Kalra