Adobe Analytics Server Side Forwarding to Audience Manager require iOS 14 tracking opt-in?



This is an indirect AAM question. We have Adobe Analytics and we server side forward non-pii data to Audience Manager with an anonymous ID, and send that to destinations such as DSP's to activate segments. 


With iOS 14 using the IDFA will require an opt-in through a default iOS pop-up, much like allowing push notifications.


However it's not perfectly clear to me, if such an opt-in is required also for tracking in the way described above. Any opinions on this matter? 

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Hi @MatiasBk ,


Our internal teams are also working closely with the Mobile SDK team to address the consent requirements.


We are planing to make these changes prior to the release of the new iOS (September 14th), but we don’t currently have a fixed date.


Please keep an eye on product notifications  and there will be some customer facing pages documenting these changes when it is due to be released.







Hello @MatiasBk ,


With iOS14 we do get privacy controls. Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager also provide you with the opt-in flag that you may use to control the data collection.


You can control whether Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager activity is allowed on a device by using the following settings:
  • privacyDefault in ADBMobile JSON Config .
    This setting controls the initial setting that persists until it is changed in code.
  • setPrivacyStatus method.
    After the privacy setting is changed by using this method, the change is permanent until it is changed again by using this method, or when you uninstall and install the app again.
    For more information about the methods, see Configuration Methods .


Setting the user's opt status


I hope this helps!