Adobe analytics classified product variables not showing in Audience Manager



Hi Guys,

When I try to use Adobe Analytics variables in Adobe Audience manager...I can able to add eVars & Props, but I wasn't able to add classified variable data in AAM.

Example: I want to add AA variable Products > Products > Category Type Name variable in AAM. But not showing up. I can only see Products data.

Any information will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Mandeep,

You're right, classified variables won't show up in Audience Manager at this point. May I suggest that you take a look at Derived Signals as a workaround? More information can be found below.

Derived Signals



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Answers (2)



Classified AA product variables do not appear in AAM. Last time I checked this is a feature that Adobe engineering is working on. The workaround would be to populate context variables with appropriate data in your Analytics setup. Context variables can be passed into AAM.




Hi rameshk28785​, not entirely sure I understand your request but please take a look at this page (Analytics to Audience Manager Implementation Guide), it provides details for both integration types (DIL code or SSF) - see if that helps understanding this limitation.

I otherwise found what might be a similar thread - See Re: Is there a way to reference variables created via classifications (based on evars or props) in A...