AAM Traits on hit level & segments on visitor level



Hi Guys,

I was wondering to make assumptions that the traits in AAM works at hit level while the segments tie the hits & visits togther on the visitor level. Is my assumption correct or am I missing something here?

Consider a scenario wherein I create a trait like order conversions on homepage (which is invalid but I can create!), now if I create a trait like :

1. pageurl contains homepage AND c_event = "order". Will my trait have any data, if not, can I assume traits are at hit level.

scenario 2:

trait 1: pageurl contains homepage

trait 2: order confirmation event

when I create a segment "users who ordered on homepage", I define it as segment 1=trait1 AND trait 2. It shows me data, which means segments are definitely at visitor level, as there can't be orders on the homepage.

Now the question remains, are the traits realise at hit-level whereas segments at visitor level?



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Hi there,

Every reporting in AAM be it for trait or segment is at device level (so that is visitor level). The trait graph that you see are the number of devices that qualify for the traits, similarly it shows for segment qualification.

Now there are 2 parts in the trait report that you see
1. UTR (Unique Trait Realizations): This is the number of devices that qualified in a time window (Look back period) for example last 1 day, last 7 days, etc.

2. TTP (Total Trait populatiuon): This is the number of total devices that are part of this trait (all of the devices that have qualified and are still qualified ) ever since last 1 day, or last 7 days.

Similarly for segment, you see realtime and total population:

1. Realtime: Number of devices that had an activity (realized or re realized for a segment) in a specific time window.

2. Total : Number of devices that are part of the segment ever since a specific time period.

So both traits and segments show data at the visitor level.


Varun Kalra

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Hi keerthivasanj96056092​,

User can drop out of segment in these conditions:

1. If there is another trait with AND NOT logic used. See this thread: Does AAM oust users from segments?

2. If there was a change in the segment condition and profile merge rule being used on the segment.

3. Device got unsegmented because of the trait TTL reached.

4. Segment made from onboarded trait and you uploaded an d_unsid or overwrite file to unsegment some IDs from the trait.



Thanks for highlighting the point. Can you please tell me on what scenario user can unsegmented. One thing as i know segment logic change or user expiration from trait. What else can remove users from segmentation.



Hi Varun,

Just wanted to get more insights on total segment population counts. Why there is dip coming in graph for total counts. Since total is calculated by accumulation of unique users since the segment is created, then it should be shown continues increase in graph right.

I still not understand this two metrics clearly. Any helps form your side to make understand from laymen perspective.

Please refer the screenshot