Can we use Rest API to get the below data.

- Confirm whether the list of CRM iD qualifies for the specific segment. Most often, get this question. Trying to see if there is any easy way to automate it to get this details.

- When we look at the AAM status report, we see "No matching AAM ID". Is there a way to get the list of associated CRM ID.

Trying to understand, what are all the things that we can do using AAM Rest API.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Currently there is no way to get or look up CRM IDs via REST APIs and get their qualification details.

What you can do:

1. Request Adobe client care for a custom bulk export of the CRM IDs and their corresponding traits. That will export a batch file on your outbound s3 at regular intervals of 24 hour or 7 days etc.

2. Get d_cts flag enabled by Adobe Client care and look up traits & segments for specific CRM IDs (one at a time):

Supported Attributes for DCS API Calls

3. Debug the ID sync is implemented fine. Customer IDs are case sensitive, make sure they maintain the same case when being ID synced and uploaded in Inbound files.

You can also check the trait graph of the Data Source Synced trait for which you have been uploading inbound files.
Go to Traits > All Traits > Search with the same name as that of data source. You will see an auto created trait for that data source. Check if it has some devices as well as Customer IDs.


Varun Kalra